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Finding your niche is exciting! If you have read my articles on, what niche marketing is and why it’s a good idea and how to find a profitable niche for you website you will already have a good idea on how to get going. If not take 5 minutes now, you will find them really helpful.

If you’re still having trouble though and feeling overwhelmed don’t worry. There are millions of great niches that are profitable and fun.

The worse thing you can do is worry so much about choosing the wrong niche that you end up doing nothing. I know this because I wasted so much time choosing my first one, and worried I would get it totally wrong, what should have taken me a day, dragged on to weeks! Yes weeks! It felt like a torture, I questioned EVERYTHING.

Would it be profitable? Did I really have enough knowledge? Would my ideas run dry after a couple of weeks? Would anyone be interested?

I talked myself in and out of decisions, and then back in again so often it was driving me crazy.

All of the time I wasted agonising I could have put to good use by getting stuck in and creating my new business.

The best advice I can give you is, don’t put it off. There are so many great niche ideas for mom bloggers and you can be successful in almost any area you choose. Do your research following the guides I set out in the articles I mentioned then go for it.

Niche Categories

The most profitable niche areas are those where you are solving a burning question or problem for a group of people. Here are the categories they fall into:

  • Money making – which includes how to make money online and Wealth building
  • Health
  • Fitness and weight loss
  • Dating and relationships
  • Self Improvement
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Pets

These are all way to broad, so to help you along here’s a list of some great niches to get your imagination sparking.

Targeted niches to have fun with

Money making/ Increasing wealth

I’ve put this at the top because it’s what most people are looking for when they start out.

The problem is when you first start you haven’t actually made any money on line, so telling your readers how to do this can be a bit of a conundrum. The best idea is to be creative. Talk about what you know. Be real, and share the knowledge you have while growing your expertise, or share your journey by making it your second niche.

Ideas to start with

Be a Budgeter – Take a look at The busy budgeter. Rosemarie is rocking it and a great inspiration on how you can approach the money making niche. Remember though, do it your way! Looking for ideas is great but you need to be original – there is only one you!

Couponing – If you are already an avid couponer share your tricks give advice and let your readers know how to get the best from it. Link it with affiliate marketing and you can then start to make money

How to build your credit

Job skills

traveling on a budget

Cheap eats

t shirt designer – See my articles on Merch by Amazon and Society 6. Both are great sites get started with.


Food and nutrition for tots

How to get your kids to enjoy healthy eating

Healthy eating for teenagers

Healthy snacks for the family

Breast feeding

Kids health issues

Dealing with irritable bowl syndrome

natural pain relief

natural remedies

how to quit smoking

outside adventure with kids



Fitness and weight loss

Loosing belly fat after pregnancy

exercising with children

How to lose weight fast

juicing for weight loss

detox diets

low sugar diets

low sodium diets

the paleo diet

Dating and relationships

Dating after divorce

Relationship advice
How to make friends


Self improvement

confidence building

How to get smarter

How to improve sleep

Meditation techniques

motivational quotes / inspirational site

combating panic attacks

work life balance

Self improvement books

Self improvement tips


Beauty and fashion

Fashion for pregnant ladies

natural skin care

organic make up

Looking great in a hurry

Fantastic charity shop fashion


Hobbies and interests

Kids crafts


Kids party planning / party ideas

gardening for kids

Babies first year


candle making

Knitting for the newbie

Improve your Knitting skills

Baby safety

Baby gear – narrow this down e.g. strollers / baby clothes for girls/baby clothes for boys

home organisation

interior design

Fun ideas for kids bedrooms

How to make cocktails

Indoor gardening

Internet safety for kids

Jewellery making



educational toys



Natural pet food

dog training

dog accessories

Best pets for children

Some others to consider

Family travel

Single parenting
All of these have enormous scope. The list you could make is endless!

So what lights your fire? You could pick any of these and make it work for you, niche them down even further, if it suits you or, use them as a starting point to brainstorm your own ideas. However you use the list make it work for you in your own way.
To make it profitable you will need visitors. To get these create valuable content, this should be your priority, so choosing something you have knowledge about makes it easier. Don’t get hung up on this though. If you have a burning desire to create a meditation site, but have only just got into this yourself, there are ways around it.

Create posts sharing your journey and what you are learning. Be honest and let your readers know this is what you are doing. Becoming an expert will happen with time, all the research you need at your fingertips through books and the internet.

Nothing is set in stone

So relax. It’s fine if you have started and then realise it’s not the niche for you, you can change it.

Knowing this at the beginning relieves the stress. It is always better doing something rather than nothing. Your first niche may not end up being your last.

You may well look back in disbelief after you’ve been doing this for a while, and wonder what you were doing with your first site, and that’s O.K! Learn your skill by practicing. It takes guts publishing your work, but once you get going it gets easier and easier. You can’t help but improve.


I hope this helps on the start of your amazing journey, and would love to hear if you have any ideas you would like to share.
Please feel free to comment or ask any questions below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Happy posting fellow bloggers!




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